• 401(k) Plan

Eligibility Requirements

Employees must meet the following criteria:

  • Age 18 or older
  • 1st of the month following 60 days of employment with Sunrun

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About the 401(k) Plan

A 401(k) plan is a retirement savings plan that allows an employee to defer a portion of your salary into a long-term investment account. Contributions can be made on a pre- or post-tax (Roth) basis. You will receive a company match on both pre- and post-tax contributions. All company match contributions will be deposited on a pre-tax basis.

401(k) Safe Harbor Match

Sunrun will provide a 401(k) match according to the following chart.

Please note that Sunrun provides a 401(k) match of up to six percent in total between the Before Tax and Roth deferral options.

Enrollment & Contributions

New hires will be automatically enrolled at a four percent deferral rate on the first of the month following 60 days of service. This rate will increase automatically by two percent every year on April 1 until you reach a 10 percent deferral rate.

To enroll, visit empowermyretirement.com. You can change your contribution percentage anytime by logging into empowermyretirement.com. You may contribute between one and 90 percent of your compensation. If you do not want to participate in the Sunrun 401(k) plan, you must log into your Empower account and reduce your contribution rate to zero.

Contribution Limits

Vesting Schedule for Safe Harbor Match

Vesting refers to the percentage of your account you are entitled to receive upon leaving Sunrun. Your contributions to the plan and any earnings they generate are always 100 percent vested (including rollovers from previous employers). The vesting period for the 401(k) match is two years from your hire date.

Logging In for the First Time

To log into your account for the first time, please visit empowermyretirement.com and select the “Register” button. Choose the “I do not have a PIN” tab. Follow the prompts to enter your contact information and to create a username and password. Select “Register” and then follow the prompts to complete your enrollment. Don’t forget to add beneficiaries for your account. If you need assistance accessing your account or enrolling in the plan, call (800) 338-4015.

Investment Options1

You will be automatically enrolled in a Vanguard target date fund based on your age. However, a wide array of core investment options are available through your plan. Each option is explained in further detail in your Sunrun 401(k) plan’s fund sheets. You can move all or a portion of your existing balances between investment options (subject to plan rules) and change how your payroll contributions are invested. You can change how your 401(k) balance is invested by logging into empowermyretirement.com or calling (800) 338-4015. Both the website and Voice Response System are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.2

1All information contained on the website, in prospectuses and other investment option documents, is offered in English. Please have this information translated for your understanding.
2Access to the Voice Response System and the website may be limited or unavailable during periods of peak demand, market volatility, systems upgrades and maintenance, or other reasons. The account owner is responsible for keeping the assigned PIN confidential. Please contact a client service representative immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use.


Do you still have a 401(k) plan account balance from a past employer? If so, it may be difficult to keep track of how you’re doing. Take advantage of the simplicity of one by considering the advantages of rolling your retirement accounts from previous employers to your Empower Retirement plan. Refer to the Simplicity of Rolling in Assets to your 401(k) flier.


Distributions received prior to age 59 1/2 may also be assessed a 10 percent early withdrawal federal tax penalty. Refer to your Summary Plan Description (SPD) for more information about distributions.  Qualifying distribution events are as follows:

  • Retirement
  • Permanent disability
  • Financial hardship (as defined by the Internal Revenue Code and your plan’s provisions)
  • Severance of employment (as defined by the Internal Revenue Code provisions)
  • Attainment of age 59 1/2
  • Death (your beneficiary receives your benefits)

Plan Fees

  • Recordkeeping or Administrative Fees: The annual $55 fee is deducted quarterly.
  • Distribution Fees: The benefit disbursement fee is $50. The quarterly periodic payment fee is $6.25.
  • Investment Option Fees: Each investment option has an investment management fee that varies by investment option. These fees are deducted by each investment option’s management company before the daily price or performance is calculated. Fees pay for trading of securities within the investment option and other management expenses. Funds may impose redemption fees on certain transfers, redemptions or exchanges.


Your plan allows you to borrow the lesser of $50,000 or 50 percent of your total vested account balance. The minimum loan amount is $1,000, and you have up to 60 months to repay your general purpose loan or up to 360 months if the money is used to purchase your primary residence. There is also a $75 origination fee for each loan, plus an ongoing annual $50 fee.

Empower Retirement Advisory Services

Your plan offers a service called My Total Retirement. You can have Advised Assets Group, LLC (AAG), a federally registered investment advisor, manage your retirement account for you. Or, if you prefer to manage your retirement account on your own, you can use online investment guidance and advice tools. These services help create a personalized retirement strategy for you. For more detailed information on the managed account service, including fees, please see the Managed Accounts Agreement attached to the enrollment form. For more detailed information about the other services, including any applicable fees, visit empowermyretirement.com (click on the “Empower Retirement” tab) or call the Voice Response System, toll free, at (800) 338-4015 to speak to an AAG representative.

How Do I Get More Information?

Visit empowermyretirement.com or call (800) 338-4015 for more information. The website provides information regarding your plan, as well as financial education information, financial calculators and other tools to help you manage your account.

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