Help is a phone call away

If you have questions on:

  • How to enroll
  • What am I eligible for
  • When am I eligible for benefits
  • Where can I find my insurance card(s)
  • How to I add my newborn
  • When am I eligible for 401(k)

Then contact the:

Benefits Advocate Center at (844) 632-2197 or via email at They can assist with these question and more!

They are available Monday – Friday, 7 am-5:30 pm PST.

Signing Up for Health Insurance

Log into OKTA Single Sign-On and click on the Workday tile.

New to Sunrun?

Start here to learn what you need to know about your benefits.

Navigating the Benefits Website

More than Just Health Insurance

Sunrun offers a variety of benefits that go beyond medical insurance. Find out what your options are here.

Retirement +

Sunrun not only provides a 401(k) to help you save for retirement, we also offer a variety of benefits to help secure your financial well-being.

Get Healthy

Sunrun is invested in your well-being. Find out which benefits can help you meet your healthy living goals.

Is the CDHP Option 1 right for you?

Consider the plan if you:

  • Want lower premiums
  • Are comfortable taking on the risk of a higher deductible
  • Want to increase your tax-free savings
  • Want to take advantage of company contributions

More Information

Need to call your insurance? Want to know more about what is (and isn’t) covered under your health insurance? You’ll find the info you need here.

How to’s

Our User Guides can help you navigate your benefits effectively.

Taking Time Off from Work

Learn about our many policies regarding leaves of absence and paid time off.

Looking for your 2021 Benefits?

Jump back in time but don’t forget where you came from.

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