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Vision Plan Options

Not only can yearly eye exams protect your eyes, they can help detect signs of serious health conditions like diabetes, brain tumors, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We offer a VSP vision plan that includes benefits for eye exams, lenses, frames and contacts. Discounts are also available for LASIK.

Your benefits and COVID-19

How to Find an In-Network Provider

To find a vision provider within the VSP network please follow the steps below:

  • Go to vsp.com
  • Click on “Find A Doctor”
  • Select on “Location,” “Office,” or “Doctor”
    • For “Location,” enter your zip code or specific address
    • For “Office,” enter the office name, city and state
    • For “Doctor,” enter the last name of the doctor and state the doctor is located in
  • Click on “Search”
  • To ensure you are searching in the correct network, select “Advanced Search” and make sure the “Choice Network” is selected

Searching for a provider before registering could lead to some retail providers showing as out-of-network.

*Your benefits refresh on a calendar year basis.

Safety Goggles Benefit

Please note that you may use your frame allowance toward non-prescription sunglasses, and enhanced benefits for safety goggles are available for employees who use them in their position at Sunrun. Please contact VSP for more information

Provider contact information

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